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"House of the sun" 


Guardians of the Dzibanché area, farmers, artists and corn warriors. Protectors of the sun god who took care of his crops. Kinichná means "House of the Sun". Among its main constructions, the one of the Acropolis stands out, which is a pyramid formed of three extremely symmetrical levels which shows us the level of mathematical knowledge and construction skills they had.

In each level there are different structures while the stairs begin to narrow until they reach the top that is crowned with a temple with two bays with the classic Mayan vaults.

This temple still retains in its exterior remains of friezes made of stucco that have solar motifs (that is where the name is inspired). In that place important offerings of jade objects were found.

The fauna and flora of the area give you an incredible show. The birds that can be heard and the insects that do not cease to amaze us with their particular designs or simply the fruits found in the surrounding trees that attract other animals and that also give us shade. A set that will make you feel within the Mayan culture.