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"Amazing Structures" 


The Mayans had great respect for all nature. Giving rise to each being. From the little ant to the big star. They knew that water was an element of life, a sacred element. In Kohunlich they settled on an underground river crossing. Its inhabitants built a system to control the water and thus always have at their disposal the vital liquid. This can be seen in the small wells that are distributed throughout the area.

One of the most amazing structures is the A-1 building, which has a staircase to go up to the temple, together with the stairs you can see stone-carved masks on each side, representing the man and woman one on each side. Something that little is known is that in the solstice in the structure of the masks you can see how the light disappears as if a curtain of darkness were covering it. An event that shows us the level of importance they gave to these dates and their vast knowledge about the stars. The original name is unknown, the name of Kohunlich comes from the English cohoon ridge (lomerío de corozos), which refers to some palms of corozo, characteristic species of the Petén area.