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Seven Colors Lagoon

"Saves beauty, history, legends and life"


Inspiration of pirates, lovers, poets, painters, inspiration of all. There is no person who has not fallen in love with the lagoon of Bacalar. Among its waters beauty is saved, stories, legends and especially life are saved.


The Mayans respected the lagoon so much that they only approached it to make offerings.

They seemed to know that stromatolites live in their waters. Living rocks that grow in size every year or the cenotes inside the lagoon and the one outside it.

They are responsible for keeping the lagoon water fresh and moving, that is why the water is so crystal clear.


The lagoon keeps stories of abandoned hotels, pirates, wealth and fame, saves stories of fauna and flora, legends and witches, rituals and ceremonies. The lagoon of the 7 colors is living magic that expects to be shared.