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"A place to connect with your soul and your body." 


It's not big that makes you great, it's the details that make something beautiful. The Milagros lagoon is small in size but impressive in beauty.

The water is an incredible turquoise color. Everything in this place is at your fingertips.


A place to connect your soul and your body. It is an ideal place to swim and enjoy the tranquility with the family.

Gastronomy will leave you speechless. Discover what the lagoon has for you through its people, happy and smiling people who are happy to talk with you. Clear your mind, sit in front of the lagoon or get on one of the swings inside, it's a therapy we should all try once in a lifetime.

Just close your eyes and enjoy the wind passing between your hair and the sound of the small waves that reach the shore, fill yourself with the aroma of nature and the food of the place, enjoy juicy mangoes cut under the shade of a tree Ramon Laguna Milagros wants to show you its beauty.