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"It goes back to the past"

Mennonites are a pacifist and Trinitarian branch of the Anabaptist Christian movement. There are currently two types of Mennonites Mennonites of the old order. Its main language is Deitsch (Pennsylvania German). They retain centuries-old traditions. The history of this group of Mennonites is characterized by repeated migrations, in search of places to settle and where their practices are accepted without interference from the state or society (more than 50 kilometers from modern civilization).

They reject new technologies and electricity. Mennonites of the new order. They act like a traditional Protestant church. Some communities use Deitsch exclusively for their religious services, others not even for that. In Bacalar there is a large Mennonite community. Men and women who work the field from early hours.

A place that goes back to the past. That shows you how there are still places where modern stress does not exist and life seems to be calmer, full of a lot of work, but quieter. This community enjoys sunsets of majestic gilding. The carts that run along the main road are lost within the population. In the local store you can see the people of the community get to buy their items allowed for use without forgetting that you can enjoy a delicious vanilla snow. It really is a place to enjoy the simple things that life offers.